I’m still feeling a little weary because it was an early start for me today. Lyndon’s set-up an early morning launch of our Manifesto so that we can dominate the news agenda for the day. But Blair got up even earlier though. He’s banging on about that spending gap The Guardian wrote about, and it turns out its £15 billion, not million. I’ll give Oliver a ring later to ask him where he got his abacus from.

We’re trying out some new slogans today too – “Battle for Britain” is my personal favourite because it conjures up images of dogfights over the Kent countryside, but Lyndon insists that “it’s time for change, it’s time for action” is the one we’re going to run with. I wonder if he realises that the Battle of Britain was our finest hour?

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I did get a minute to pop into the newsagent on the corner though. I was checking to see if the newspaper editors had changed their front pages to properly reflect the importance of yesterday’s immigration speech. It also gave me a chance to have a quick chat to the Asian chap who runs the shop. I don’t know his name, let’s just call him Mr. Patel, but he was a bit funny with me today. He wasn’t his normal chatty self; in fact he hardly said anything to me at all. For a moment I thought I’d upset him or something, but realised my mistake when he wished me “good luck”. Actually, thinking about it now, he said “good luck” after I told him I have to get on so I can beat Blair.

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