When Thirty Seconds to Mars asked their fans to record videos for the 4th of July and submit them, we all knew they were planning something very ‘american dream’ for their first single since their 2013 album Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams. As predicted, Walk On Water came out with a lyric video that screams America, eagles and patriotism.

Walk on Water is a thumping synth-rock anthem about changing times, winning fights and believing to be able to walk on water. These somehow all make sense together if Jared Leto is roaring his signature high notes throughout the song. Lyrically and sonically, the track seems to carry the spiritual legacy of their 2009 album This is War, which I’m sure we can all appreciate, especially when it comes to the powerful choir of WoW, directly reminiscing of Vox Populi. It also maintains the dark synth sensibility of Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams, which was their most sophisticated sound-wise. If the fifth album sounds anything like the continuation of Kings And Queens and Alibi, I’m sold.

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Overall, it’s really hard not to try and sing along when you play this in the car, and we can all agree that Thirty Seconds To Mars know how to deliver at anthemic choruses, which I think is a good thing because it might sometimes supply for the lack of depth to their over the top lyrics (they have certainly over-used particular words like “fight”, “holy war”, “end” etc.).

Regardless the simplicity of lyrics, I personally think that they lived up to expectations on this new single, it sounds fresh, yet very Thirty Seconds, but most of all it is a fun and entertaining track. I won’t be surprised if we start hearing it in a pepsi commercial or a sport ad or something like that. So, until we all hate it when it’s overplayed by the end of the year, I’ll sing this in the car trying to hit the high notes. Welcome back Thirty Seconds to Mars.

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