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Gambling is one of the trickiest habits to shake. It can sneak its way into your life and become an addiction if you don’t have the right kind of self-control. We gamble unconsciously almost everyday of our lives- if you make a bet with a mate, that’s already you gambling. Purchasing a lottery ticket is also you participating in some form of gamble. You can learn more about gambling at Slotsmummy. The prospect of easy money appeals to everyone- who wouldn’t want to make twice or thrice as much for doing nothing but spinning a slot machine or enjoying their favourite table game? You can find top online slot casinos when you click here now.But, remember the odds are never usually in a particular person’s favor and that’s why the house always wins.

If you suspect that someone in your life or you have a gambling addiction read on to find out some of the signs of a gambling addict. Before you form opinions or judgements, it’s important to determine what type of gambler your loved one is because different things drive different people to gamble.

Gambling to forget

These types of gamblers usually play so that they can’t escape from something happening in their lives. Gambling acts as a distraction for them. The game doesn’t just serve as entertainment, they do it to feel better. This causes one to avoid facing their problems/ situations in their life.


Every successful addict knows how to lie and they do it well. They will do anything to gamble and will say anything to do it. Professional addicts hide it, lying to their families, friends, spouses and coworkers.

cheating in gambling

Being obsessed with gambling

A compulsive gambler always has gambling on his mind- the last time he/she did it and the next time they will. It is basically the anticipation of the next fix. Any reason becomes enough to go gambling and will not think twice when seizing a gambling opportunity. They try any strategy they can to get the money they need.

Gambling out of need

Things move very fast when you have caught a gambling bug. If you have no self-control, you start to gamble out of need eventually. This ’need’ refers to the same thing that a drug addict or alcoholic goes through. Gamblers go through psychological withdrawal symptoms like irritability, impatience, agitation and more.

“Chasing” losses

It’s easy to feel like heater is coming on after a streak of losses- that’s why the streak happened in the first place. Some gamblers try to win back their losses and promise that when they land a big win, they will stop. Others believe that they lost because they weren’t lucky enough or changed strategies. When they chase losses, these pile up often ending up as debts and the cycle of borrowing money begins

Borrowing money

borrowing money

Pathological gamblers will do anything to get out of a financial hole. They borrow whatever and from whoever they can be it family, coworkers, strangers, friends, etc. They can go as far as using deceitful means- lying to their family members about it or their spouse. This is how the savings account runs dry, credit cards end up maxed or the need to take out a second mortgage occurs.

These are the most common signs of a gambling addict. Do you know anyone who may be going through either of these symptoms? Make sure you consult a therapist about it or look for any resources that can help a recovering addict. It can get bad very quickly so make sure you’re doing your best to help your loved one.